Czech castles: the secret of a luxury wedding

Prague is a romantic city. That means your love story can be realised here. The celebration can be absolutely different. A luxury castle wedding, a church wedding in Prague,  Castle Wedding or maybe a modest ceremony in the city hall.

  • Troy Castle is a classic example of Baroque architecture. There is a well-kept French-style park with a lot of majestic statues and fountains. Capacity of the castle’s imperial hall is 100 guests. Troy is located in 15-20 minutes from the center, so there are not any problems with transfers.
  • Beautiful frescoes, an ancient interior and magnificent architecture create a unique atmosphere of the Liben Castle, which will be appreciated by romantic-minded couples.

  • The Clementinum Mirror Chapel is suitable for a symbolic ceremony. A large hall with gilding, stucco molding and historical paintings will add grandeur to your wedding. The acoustic is great, and it is nice to know that Mozart arranged one of his best concerts here.
  • The Old Town Hall is located in the heart of the Old Town Square and offers very affordable price for a wedding ceremony. The capacity of the Grand Hall is 40 guests. The official ceremony can be accompanied by an organ.

If you want to escape from the bustle of the city, then Hluboka castle wedding, Dobris, Liblitsa, Karlštejn or even Cesky Krumlov wedding is a right option.

Prague ceremony or wedding in Czech Republic will forever remain a significant day for you and your guests.